BacK AgaiN...!!!!!!!!

yyeess (with the double y, double e and double s)....m back again with my blogs...thnxx for inspiring kiddoo...

ahhh..and yes its sept 1st..wht btter way to start again...hope dis month ends in peace.. so m starting this blog wid a big cheese...ahhhh...kweelll...sumtyms i wonder i wld have been a writer by profession..yes a bad platforms lyk orkut, Fb and twitter..allows me to show my talent of chnace..;) :)

to readers...plzz don't refer my previous say..m lot better den what i have written in that..
hehe...i can say lot bttr..coz i have improved my writing skills...;)
my life remains the same...happy...simple..joyful..jumping from one pile to another...
and hoping for a bttr sunshine for tomorrow..mi8 rain if itzz not for hope and faith.. denn..for all others theres vodka..and beer..;) :) hehehe

the mystery of my life still remains a mystery...and i love it to remin so..coz mystery are to be discoverd by own..hehhe..and i knw one day when these mystery's are revealed...den i ll be marked as the winner in the books of history...(i jst rhymed the two words..don't think m gr8..:P)

itzz gokulashatami my bday wishes to Mr. Krishna (guruvyarrooppaa).. wish u have a blast wid gopis..and if u impressed by dis wish..please tell me in which avatar your coming dis time...

Avatar se yaad ayyaa...m one of the rarest people who have not yet seen avatar..
and the recent 3-D avatar been a wish to see it comes to an end.. started raining...and t reminds me i have rush make professionals today..(NIIT-we make professionals)..thats my company tagline..dnt get me wrong...
I am not sure if i would succeed doing that...that remains another mystery..

thats it for now...on my way to disclose todays mysterys...nd happenings...;) :)

one last knw.."BLOGIING <-------THIS IS FUN":=)