MiX of ALL...!!!!!

To start with as the name of my post suggests....itzz a mix off all..
The chain of festivals have alrdy started and i am ready for it...:) :) :)

First mix...m happpyyy..:) :) :)
coz i just realized that i have completed my 9 months in NIIT...hehe..never imagined that i would be able to complete this much..to say i even lost my bet of leaving within august...;) ahhh 3 months and m gone. m gonna fly...!!!!

Sept 1st: ahhh...ohkk..was good..At company just another shock that i had another colleague to accompany.. :X as if the first one was not enuff.. one hardly talks..and the new one keeps on talking.. i mean c'mon sumtyms i feel dis wrld has so many cartoon characters filled... weird people u meet sumtymm..(not to mention..m poiting to me also...hehe).
to say i didnt lyk dat guy...as in comlete "show-off" pakacge..by the way why do i need to like him.. ahh Leos always wants everything to be just perfect..if not atleast close to that..;) :)

i dont know yy..yyy..i hated this feeling that dey both were siting ther, there in my LAB...or i jsut hated anyone to be there...cozz it thought sum1 had entered my queendom..and i hated that feeling..didn't feel good at all..cant say what more surprises are left in these three months...:O

had my talks with divi (ma soul sister)..hard to say....but still i miss u daaa...u enjoy...:) :)

Finally this day ended with a severe..Spine ache...
i said that...all is not fine..the problem is my SpInE...:(

Sept 2: it was gokulashtmi today..or it is..bcoz still there are handis to be broken..!!! :P
at-least every corner of the road which i visited had "dahi-handi" hung up at huge heights...and bunch of guys wearing orange and yellow tees.. on top of filled trucks and buses showing the spirits to break them....itzz fun and good to watch all this.. i personally love them..
Secrets--i had my own stupid desire of breaking that handi...just once..just once..hehe..cant say might happen..hehehe..as i say hope keeps it alive..if not there's vodka...;) :)

But again i personally think that this festival has lost all itss charmm...Reasons are many: politics..money...being some of them... i mean cmon...
dahi-handi starts by 1..and from 1 till 10 at ni8...these famous handis dont break...
cozz the groups are alrdy tld not to break..so wht they perform is just what we call "salmii" to dhai-handi....and those watching people like me (who expect them..kk.now it will break.)..have to get dishrtned coz we dont get to see this handis-breaking...!!!!
Yes..to provide other entertaining things there's DJ played during these times which gets extreme.. especially this track "aayya hai raja logon re logoon...raja k sang sang..jhommlo jhoomloo.." been raped and mixed....feel like dancing...;) :)

After all this had to rush home today..coz mom wasn't well...this made me sad...ittzz like testing times...just pray that her pains go away..u ll be fine mama..i promise...:) :)
Good part of the day --> Had good laughs with kiddoo (my sweet lil bro)..i alys do..hehe..;) :)

i felt life for me always came with various challenges,.....when i try to make it clear...again it narrows the path for me..but may be this was the part of it...but soon i ll be out of these troubles..heheh..;) :)

itzz a mix of all in this Carzyy world...... LauGhTeR....SaDnEsS....CaRe...FriEnDship...LoVe...LOveD OneS.. SmiLes..CoNfUsiOn...MoodY....MusIcal...Every moment....some emotion... just to say that

"Life is all about living at the Moment..living these Moments".....:) :) :)

Copyrights of the above quote belongs to this person ----> Deepu....:) :)

Keep smiling..and Keep rocKing....!!!!! \m/


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