Ladiess Special.....!!!!

All my experiences of Mumbai local trains starts here....or should I say ma experience with ladies compartment.

Ladies compartment--> the area where you can hear everything happening around you...things that will land you in shock. From the price of onions gone up to the neighbors dog pissing in front of the house, you ll hear everything in that world..I bet u need not go through a newspapers if u travel at least one day in ladies compartment...

Just see the platform where these ladies stand they look so decent they dont even look at each if they are the best standing there...;) :) Then when the lights hit from the distance..that is the time when they start taking positions on platforms,,, Ready for a fight,,,, a great war sort of a thing in which there will be many outcomes..

1. either you ll be in safely or

2. u ll be in but you wld be fighting or yelling at one another

3. u ll be on the verge of that pole with your life hanging in air

4. u ll be standing somewhere in the crowd like a flimfare award where u stand sill and dont move. The moment u move u hit someone and dats the end of the story for you....!!!!!!!

I have seen this many times that these ladies alyss panic a lot...they don't have a order of geting in the train or out of train...I respect Military for these reason that they teach displine..which i guess ladies lackk..a lot of themm..;) They literray knock out ppl just to get in some how... Thats the scenario in there...then goes the hooterr...and those who don't make this far,,, stand at the same platform cursing others and feeling embarssed just coz they couldn't get in..the peple who dont make it sumtyms curse so badly that the people who need to get down sumtym will not make it to their destination stn and end up been sumwhr else...heheh..;) :)

Secrets --- instead of vahsi two times I got down at nerul station....;)

You find a variety of people in that compartment........

College Girls --> dressed in a causual way they are the ones which tryto grab attention of the crowd by laughing, hitting each other, giggling taking about college life, their relationships and all those 20 something chit chatter happeing there. Sumtyimes its fun to listen to them, coz u remember ur own days of college..

Next category is Bais/Machiwali/typical gautiss -->These are the funniest of them all..dressed in cotton sarees in which they somehow manage to bring the tip of the Saree lying in front to the topmost portion of their butt in reverse way and hook it there....Wonder how they do it????? Its pretty makes fun of all those who think that sareess cant be flexible...;) Dressed in their so called dress-up they enter with their luggage in and even in the hell of a crowd they will find a place to sit nicely with those luggage on if they have alrdy booked the entire train and the place...If you dare to ask them yy?? The answer starts with the flow of malicious or harmful words which is enuf for your ears. After effects is that after listening to all that u ll nvr again question anyone in your life..hehe..They use acronyms like BC to DC or AC..etc.. and if ur bold enuf u may also launch the attack the revsre way making it more worse...and landing up being beaten up..hehe...;)

Next category is the First Class -->It is the 'do not touch me' kind of category where u find sophistication at its peak point... Touching the handle of the train is a big crime for these class coz they consider that the same handle is touched by so many and the germs may infect them.. and also these are the ones which will ultimately get infections like Swine Flu..;) In such a caes if your hand slips by mistake on them then they stare you in such a way as tough you are the one carrying all the worms, viruses and trojans..

Ma favorite the Working women category -->Dressed in formals these ladies create an air of professionalism in such an environment..carrying a laptop bag on one hand and a hand bag full of makeup on the other..these ones symbolize the nature of responsibility and confidence of women..personally i love to see such categories,, they sumtyms motivate you...heheh..;)

Lastly the Simple ones --> kindaa category with ear phones plugged in and in my own different world...;) :) These are the ones who don't care and just enjoy life to the fullest... :) :)

But one last thing whatever it is that local train journey is never complete without these characters...there's always a ladies special at each station....;) :) :=)


vaishakh said...

deepu if der wer anoble prize award 4 humour literature.. it wud end up on d comp table near ya monitor, sistu,,,, :)
AMAZING writeup,,,
i 2 wonder how saree is flexible nd d diff types dat we all go thru bt fail 2 notice ,,heheh ..
loved d alphabets n d person hu aranged it so beautifuly :):=) ;)

Deepu.. said...

hehhaha....wnted to mke it btter...itzz just fyn...hehe...will keep writing funny ones daa...for yaa..:) :)

vaishakh said...

;) ;) ;) always waiting 4ya updates :) :)

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