Tattoos - a well known trend these days.  I see myself having one in the next 2-3 years from now ;)  Something which will stay on with you forever. Tattoos I think are great ways to express oneself also to see a real aspect of who we really are.

I have decided to get myself tattooed in life once at least. My nominations for tattoo canvas by far include shoulder back, back of neck and wrist. When it comes to designing it, I prefer to keep it simple, sweet and beautiful. :) Here are of my wishful tattoo designs which I would love to represent on me.


The most common among feminine tattoo.  A Small butterfly tattoo. Symbolizing change, beauty and love.



The light that shines in dark, symbol of hope. :) A hope for a new, and better path. Also expressing and so many wishes.



The most traditional tattoos used by sailors in past. Symbol of good luck, freedom. Swallow Birds mate for life and hence are a symbol of everlasting love between two people.

  Music Heart Tattoo

For music freaks like me....stirring the soul and inspiring all the emotions and a heart symbolizing love.


The "Me" Tattoo

And finally a tattoo that Means Something to You. :)

PS: Sometimes life forces us to be someone we don’t want to be. When that happens, it is a good idea to hold on to a piece of tattoo. Just a tiny token of ourselves that reminds us, 'This is who I really am.' :)

Deadened !!

Morning 7:00 am as I go about in a local train. Plugging in my ear phones..tuned into a radio station and listening to music. Happy and Joyful Saturday. A news comes in and I hear about the demise of that young girl. The girl who fought...against all odds..a girl who fought for her life from past two weeks.That brave heart who scribbled a week before that all she wants is to LIVE...that brave heart is now no more. A sudden chill ran down my spine as I kept hearing the news.

The next moment i plugged out my ear phones..with tears in my eyes..chilling..feeling Numb...just NUMB..!!!

I got down at the station...crowd all around me.. Felt annoyed...Felt disturbed...I saw the faces of each men passing by me..I kept staring each one with eyes full of of anger and disgust.
I feel ashamed to be born in this country.. Ashamed to be a part of it..!!

I thought for a while..I am girl .... What if It ever happened to me....!! An emotion of fear and anger grips me now....!!

She died..and with her a part of my soul.

yaaayyyy.....A post I wished to often write...A post about my Curls !!

I look at people with some great straight hair and always imagine they are so care free. They have endless hair cut options whereas on a curly hair, the best you can come with is a Step Cut. People with straight hair hardly do anything.  They just have to brush a little and all is set. At times, when I look at them, I feel pity for my hair...!!

Only people like me know how much it takes to just maintain your hair on a regular basis. Sometimes u get so messed up in these curls that you do nothing and give up..!! That’s when the thought of straitening hair comes to my mind..!!

My first attempt of straightening was a simple blow dry of my hair after a haircut. Was perfect. I felt confident about it and jumped all over the place. I got gorgeous comments on my look as I captured myself and published on FB.  I knew washing my hair would bring back my curls.... I almost tried to maintain that till 4 days..!! This was the crazziest thing I had ever done with my hair. I used to sleep straight with my hair lying at peace.. I avoided all the various positions of sleep which I normally do..!! When bathing, I wrapped my fake straightened hair into a plastic hair mask to avoid contact of water. As the days continued, my straight affect started to fade away and so did my confidence..!! Then on 5th day I was forced to wet my hair by mummy and it all ended. I was back to being normal. I was back to being curly. Somewhere felt bad about the demise of my hair straightness but somewhere felt little good to see my curls back. As I saw myself in the mirror... All my curls hanging in there.. bouncing with happiness to be back again. 

My First Attempt :P
My second ultimate attempt was simple, I got a hair straightener. The moment I was purchasing it, I was so happy and imagined myself in all the different poses of a silky straight hair. Next day was nothing but a pure experiment day. I closed myself inside a room and ran the straightener slowly on each section of my hair. It took more than 10 to 20 rounds for each section to actually become straightened.  I realized my curls were stiff enough and were in no mood to be changed. I gathered some courage and continued my attempt. I started in morning and as I finished it I realized even lunch time was over. In the end I did succeed though just to some extend but lost all the patience to try the same for the second time ever in my life. So there lies my straightener untouched in a corner of my cupboard. 

 My Second Scary Attempt :P

Every day as I combed my hair... I used to feel more and more pity for my hair... !! Then one fine day, a friend of mine after long asked me.."How you doing curls?" I asked him, why does he call me like that? He just said.."The curls look good". I looked at myself and thought..How many of them have a natural curly hair? May be I never cared for my much..maybe I never loved them. So I started to pamper them, so that they feel good and I feel good about having them. Now, I moisturize them, detangle them, scrunch them, use products which they respond to and take proper care of them. It does take some amount of time but I regularly do this now a days. As I look at my curls now, I actually feel good about owning them. As I write this, I am proud and happy with my curls and me. It’s a little different these days. I step out with my curls on and feel pity for those people with straight hairs....hehe.. for not having curls. I somewhere feel a weird connection with my curls. 

The Natural ME :=)

I finally made a conclusion out of the whole hair experimentation thing. Straightening you hair may give you a different look but do not forget to love and embrace your natural hair whatever they may be like. Coz your hair is your best accessory, your wear it every day, so have FUN with it. 

PS: Love your hair and it loves you back !! :D

This post is for written for SunSilk Straight Hair Experiment.  ;)

A Silent Cry

Hmmm.. As I look in the mirror today.. I see myself smiling like usual..but then I stared at myself for a time longer.. I saw the silent mind beneath.... a silence which was drifting my mind. How often does it happen that all is perfect out there...But still blank inside. As if your mind is playing stupid games with you. All you want is to be happy and feel good about it..and may be that's just not happening...!!

A point were words are falling short , but the whispers are loud enough. Unsure of the mind..and unsure about the ways to express it. At times anger gripping from inside !! It is this way when somethings are hard to make out..when no amount of words can bring out what you feel like. You look down silently..tear's gilding from deep within..Just a silent cry.

PS:  I frown at myself.. and promise to improvise this me...Grief moments. I ll be back soon :) :) 

A Strange Silence !!

A blurred way I see... little fear as I walk through it..
I hold onto myself in some belief..
I am not falling apart..but still as though..
A strange silence beholds me from deep within        
A Hope that it fades away soon..

P.S: Just a small confession of a Silent Mind !!

The Dreamer ツ

Something just inspired me to scribble my thoughts again here..So here I am again with my mysterious and crazy vibes.. ;) Just paused this for sometime, may be things weren't so nice. But then you have to keep fighting till you set things right. As I pen down my thoughts, I realize I kind of missed this place. I thought I was just lost in my dream world somewhere and the reality outside started to haunt me. But then I found, I was me coz of these dreams. They may shatter you at times, that doesn't mean you loose hope and stop dreaming. So I decided to be back with my fairy tales coz I believe these fairy tales are not all about finding something, its about fulfilling those dreams and most important standing up for what you believe in.

PS: I think for the most part, if you're really honest with yourself about what you want out of life, life gives it to you. ;) :)

Happiest Birthday 
to a very sweet girl
who understands my miss calls
hopes for apple products :P
desires crazy yet beautiful things..
Knowing all my stupidity, 
still chooses to be with me in public.. ;)
and most importantly makes me 
feel loved unexpectedly and always. :)
This is post is a small token of my gratitude
for this friendship which has been very special and dear to me..

Dear Shweta, may u get all the happiness, love,
all the things you desire, all the people you treasure...
and whenever your eyes gets misty.. 
I ll be there for a "Dostana" :P ;)

aur hann mera wala yeh "Dostana" hamesha rehgaa :) (BFF)

Lots of love and hugs on this very special day XoXo

PS: Hope this post brings out the extra share of all that makes you happiest :)