Happiest Birthday 
to a very sweet girl
who understands my miss calls
hopes for apple products :P
desires crazy yet beautiful things..
Knowing all my stupidity, 
still chooses to be with me in public.. ;)
and most importantly makes me 
feel loved unexpectedly and always. :)
This is post is a small token of my gratitude
for this friendship which has been very special and dear to me..

Dear Shweta, may u get all the happiness, love,
all the things you desire, all the people you treasure...
and whenever your eyes gets misty.. 
I ll be there for a "Dostana" :P ;)

aur hann mera wala yeh "Dostana" hamesha rehgaa :) (BFF)

Lots of love and hugs on this very special day XoXo

PS: Hope this post brings out the extra share of all that makes you happiest :)


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