"Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take..but the moments you use to make it special. I had this thought quite for a while...that there are so many things hidden, so many things we want to do in this life....in this only life....!!!!

For me there are heaps of things I wanaa do. Curious to know about others, I queried some of my friends. Some of them took time coz they never gave it a thought...some of them were shy enough to reveal their secret wishes...and some of them were proud to answer and had a huge list like me...:)

Here goes the list....This list may have things which we have already done and some of them which we want to do....!!!!!

So go through it..and find out....what are the things you wanna do before you end your life.
It can be a very simple wish to a very silly wish, but you know if it gets fulfilled your life would be much more happening and remembering !!!

1. Getting a tattoo.

2. Spirits in air...Sky Diving.

3. Doing a Social Cause which you like and not just thinking about it.

4. To be in love.....deeply....unconditionally...and truly...!!!

5. Learn to play at-least one musical instrument.

6. Dancing with the your soulmate in rain.

7. Go on a long drive.

8. Get featured publicly for an achievement.

9. Get drunk and dance like mad.

10. Watch a hilarious movie with your friends and laugh your stomach out.

11. Dont limit ur singing to bathroom itself....Open your throat on the roads..with friends..in front of the enitre world.

12. Visit at least one of the wonders of world.

13. Ride an elephant.

14. Bungee jumping specially in Macau.

15. Have one life long friend.

16. Live your dream and fulfill the wish-list.

If you have any of other wishes, Have pleasure in commenting the same. :)

Live the LiFe you've Imagined.


vaishakh said...

sistuu.. u dont have talent
talent has yu...
keep rocking,,
u r simblyy my roxstar :D

s.m.peer said...

Good One...
i'hv lot of things now, to do in my life....

Deepzz said...

hehe..:) :)

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