The Silent Speaks !!!

I recently read an article about silence and thats how I am here sharing the same slience.

Silence - A moment in your life where you run out of words. The moment where you show your feelings not through words, but by just remaining silent.

There are so many moments in our life, where we had remained silent for some seconds. If you recall, those silence always made some noise deep inside our hearts and it is a fact that these silent moments are the ones which we remember the most.
Ever wondered why? May be coz that slience conveyed something, may be it conveyed a feeling.
Recalling some of those feelings like....

the moment you go out on your first job and look back at your parents --- the Silence of concern for your leaving and happiness for your independence.

the moment you get unexpected good marks when no one even thought you could --- the Silence of surprise.

the moment the HR calls you and tells you "Congrats, Your hired" --- the Silence of excitement and hopes.
the moment the boy/girl who like you say nothing but only smile at you --- the Silence of love.

the moment when your leaving a dear friend to station and bid a bye-bye, the slient pouding of heart-beat --- the Silence of separation.

the moment when a small child looks and smiles at you for no reason and you smile back --- the Silence of innocence and juvenileness.

There are so many such special silent moments in our lives after which we think, that why I didnt speak...May be coz that silence was understood. There was no need of anythning else.
They say Silence speaks many languages...or may be feelings...feelings of joy, grief, happiness, enthusiasm, hope, expectations !!! These feelings were just carried away by a simple silence...the moments of which are always treasured.

Ever wondered those instance where you are alone and you find yourself starring at your roof. Those moments of self-talk, where your listening to your heart, thinking, deciding on to something. These are the moments which will actulally create your fate.

So next time you find yourself silent, try to feel the emotion your heart is trying to convey, listen to its desires and always be in touch ..... in touch with your true self !!! :)


Rachit said...

Let the words float in.. :) A nice post :)

Deepzz said...

thnnks rachit :)

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