It is true..that when they need you are always there...but the time when you need help.... everyone turns around. It hurts...still hurts because it is your close friend !!

I am not always guarded to trusting people, but some people I truly trust to be my best of friends, to be there, when I need them. It feels sorry or rather dejected when they turn their back !!!!
usually lose my temper and get pissed of at such situations. But then again I come back coz thats the way I am..I know i ll hang on to every friend I have...coz i know I will never be so rich that I can afford to lose a friend. May be thats why they say "No mater how good your friends are, they are going to hurt you every once in a while..and you must forgive them for that."
I have relatively a small network of good friends, Friends whom I trust to be there always, so it upsets me when such things happen.

A request to all my buddies reading this. We have only one life, filling it with friends, irritating, crazy ones, ones without which living would be difficult is important or rather necessary so don't lose your closed ones.

Everyone has a life and there comes a point where your once made buddies do not fit in to your world anymore. But if they are your true buddies... Don't miss them coz u never know...when your life would take a turn to be back with those friends, and you only hope they would be there where you left them. Only HoPE !!!!


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