Happy Birthday, blog !

2 years..taddaa...my blog turns 2 today...and m so happy writing about this.. I honestly don't remember what brought me to this place of putting thoughts..but gradually as i did, i started loving it..and now i am amazed at the way it has grown so far. I have my blog bag filled with post from being random, sad, lovely, musical, stupid, wired to awsumm..hehe..sumtyms !!!

Its now become like a friend to me... correctionzz my best friend to me.. I feel whatever is there in my mind or not....i can just scribble it down on my blog... It gives me a sense of relief..and happiness :) :) This bday i planned to give my blog some wings..thats the reason that wing girl shines on top...along with a name.. which i thought would be Mysterious vibes...cozz i wanaa share some of those secret lilltle things from life out here..to this friend of mine.. !!! :) I feel proud of having Mysteriuos Vibes in my life !!

I wanna thank all those people who inspired me to scribble down (special mention to my bro kiddo and my friend yogi) and also those who took interest in reading them. It was fun being around for two years..and looking forward for a good blogging future ahead...!!! :) :)

PS:I love this pics of small little candles tucked inside those cute cup cakes !! :) ;)


abhi said...

congratulations and all the very best for years to come :)

kajal hedav said...

all the best,
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