Impulsive Mind

Impulsive mind or should I say spontaneous mind...this is what my post says today...actually I think that should be Hitting without knowing your aim !!!!
I always have a habit of speaking without giving anything a second thought, I know this happens to me...But I get real frustrated when it happens at wrong times...only to find at the end that I AM SCREWED !!!!!

It was a rather stupid day of mine I guess, which lead to nothing and thinking after its all done..."why did i do that?????????? " and trust me that question marks keeps bugging you for a day or two until you come back to being you again. I have special highlights for people falling in such situations:

1. Not thinking about the what your going to say next.
2. Spilling all the beans around and being happy about it.
3. Later you start thinking about what was said.
4. Realization that you should have kept the beans with you instead of spilling it.
5. No highlights left for point 5..coz by then you are SCREWED !!!!

I don't analyze things....may be that's why that thinking part before saying doesn't seems to come up for me. Most of the talkative people (I am proud to include the "ME" in this one), when start a conversation they really do not know where to stop. So what is the solution?? I have been now developing a habit of questioning my mind before spilling things from my mouth.
  • Is what your are about to say right?
  • Is it the right time to say that?
  • Is the talk going to effect you in a negative way?
  • and the most important is it useful?
Good one right? This way interactions will remain short, efficient and most of all feelings will not be affected. :) It is even better at times to stay quiet just by knowing that you are right in your way and need no approval of anybody to prove that. After all no one can change your opinion then why talk?


Yogesh said...

Very true deepu..!! well written..something made you to write this..but truly a good one..!!!

Deepzz said...

heehhe...hmmm..not speficallyy something... just realized that this was sumthing i wanted to scribble... cozz dats me...may be...dis scribble may help...heheh...if not me..den others lyk me..hehe ;) :)

Anonymous said...

baba ramdev ban gaayi hai

baba jay..

chalo ab asan karte hai...saans andhar aur paet bahar.....
anyways nice one

Deepzz said...

aila..yeh kaun bola???? who are you mr anonymous??? :P :P

xyzandme said...

I imagined you yelling like leonerd (or was it Raj?) from TBBT where he goes " scroooooooed" when I read your 5th point.

Analyzing ways of conversations is the first step to become an anthropologist .. :p

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