JukeBox Jam

It is a monday and a lazzy day..So whats better then Music to make it lively.
Today's jukebox jam is a special song from the chief of sufi itself...Rahet fateh ali khan. There's Magic in his voice.

Kaisa yeh Ishq Hai (Ishq Risk)
This song is for all those people who fall in love, knowing that it is a risk. As it starts with the same line..."Har Aashiq Ke Dil Ko Kuredane Wala Gaana,Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai"!!!
I Listen to this song to when I m not sure about myself...hehhe. The beats take you to a different world itself. The music is fab and the lyrics make you think that yes..this is happening with me..!!!
I specifically love the video of this song shot in front of Taj....one classic step as if all lost in the tune of risky love ;) . So sit back and listen to this lovely music track.

Musqilon Mein Ye Daale
Jo Bhi Chahe Kara Le
Badle Ye Dilo’n Ke Faisle
Mann Ka Mauji Isq To Ji
Albeli Si Raho’n Pe Le Chale (X2 Times)

Koi Peechhe Na Aage Hai
Phir Bhi Jaane Kyun Bhaage Hai
Maare Ishqe Ka Ishqe Ka Dil Mera
Isqe Uske Ye Hisse Mein
Tere Mere Ye Qisse Mein
Maula Seekhe Bin Seekhe Bin De Sikha
Kaisa Ye Isq Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai
Kaisa Ye Isq Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai

P.S. This is the one of loveliest song for those feeling of being in love. ;)


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