There he stands !!!

Sitting on the couch staring at a pair of black floaters lying near the door, this was the moment when i thought to write about a person whom I love the most in this world.
This is a person who has always put his child's wants and needs ahead of his own. The greatest gift that I received from god, I call him PAPA.

A person who doesn't speak much and is always content with what he has. His love and care has no boundaries to spare. For my papa priority means daughters. I have always been silent with my dad and some way down the line we understood this silence between us. But I know he is the best person when I want to ask things. I appear as a silent little sweet girl (hehe..another side of me) in front of him obeying all the things, but on the contrary he knows my fun side very well. I remember those times of watching cricket and hockey together. Dancing at the mid of the night for an Indian win and waking up divi (my sis) and mom from their dreams. It has always been fun with papa and will always be.With a face having a look of strictness.. but deep inside lies a silent caring heart of goodness. A man who has always stood tall..He means the world to me. There may be indifference's and misconceptions between us, but it doesn't matter when your love is strong, stronger enough to forget and forgive them and my dad, you have always done that.

Hey popsy, I may have never said these things to you but deep in my heart you are admired and adored. I have seen this man struggle and ultimately gain success and respect of lots of people. They say tough times don't last ..tough people do. That's my papa.

Right from the time I spent on my papa's knees till today, each and every small little things about him have inspired and developed me. The relationship with him always gives me a vision and hope to change things, to overcome failures and build healthy relations with others. I know I will make him proud someday...and yes I know I will. :) :)
Just want to thank him for the most I know today, to be a good human being.

Whatever I do..wherever I go..there will always be one thing which will be remain forever and that is my love for my papa.


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