Let Go !!

There are times when we push ourselves so hard to wanting something we cant have and eventually realizing its time to let go. This is something everyone goes through someway or the other. But what does letting go actually mean? Does it mean to loose your conscious and be sad all the time?? Wondered upon it for a while and here I am scribbling the answers to it.

The most common emotion which comes during this phase is Loneliness. Some get so used to it that they start living with the same for the rest of their lives. Loneliness is just another emotion where you let the tears flow; feel it completely but eventually be able to say.." that was my moment with loneliness and now m gonna keep it aside and m ready to let go to experience other emos as well". When life gives you the signs to move on..it doesn't mean to forget, ignore or think about it forever. It never tells you to live your life in regrets with sad and empty feeling; neither does it convey emptiness or defeat. So misunderstanding the term and dwelling your self in memories of past is a mistake. Yes we do get hurt, but that doesn't convey that we block our memories and be lonely all the time.

Instead to Let go is to have an open mind, cherish the past memories and accepting things. Its more about learning and to be thankful for the experiences which once brought you the feelings of joy, cry, laughter and love. Its about growing up. To let go is always having the courage and strength to accept the change and move ahead. At the end it isn't about wining or loosing, its about setting yourself free with a hope for a better tomorrow.

So the bottom line is if you wind up being left out only because you think that holding on would make you strong..then think again...sometimes its letting go...!!!

PS: To Let go and to think that there are a hell lot of good things the universe has to offer has made me happy and helped me a lot; hope this helps someone else too ;) :)

December Tunes :)

ohooo...itzz December and I can't wait to express the feeling of it... :) I love dis month, cozz it brings an air of change in it... Biding farewell to the haunted memories and keeping the good ones... a hope for a better tomorrow. :) wowww....

Yesterday I felt the coldness in the climate which brought a wave of smiles to me. I always wait for this month to come. Every Year it has added a change in my life some way or the other. Change, which I think is necessary in all due respects of this life. After all, anything too static begins to lose its appeal. But this excludes all those relations, which thank god are few special ones which never change. :)

To summarize was simply a good year for me. The biggest achievement being, a part of Team 18. Some disappointments, yet lessons learned from them and try not to go back to the past of choked episodes. So many decisions made some falling at places, some just failing. Looking back, I can make out that the decisions which made no sense were the ones just right for me. In fact it is these senseless decisions which are the best ones, coz time is funny, it is kinnda magical, that turns your stupid decisions to something else entirely.

I believe the greatest thing in this world is not necessarily the things you do, it can be the things that happen to you. This doesn't mean that you cannot take action of life, you can and you will. But you may never know when you may step out of the door and you will see your life changed. It’s just that the universe has a plan for you, and that it is always in motion without you being realizing. :) and I can't stop believing. ;)

As I begin to list some resolutions out there and promise myself to stick to them... ;) at least this time. :) Excited about Christmas (most favorite festive season) and a well needed break from work. wohhppii... :D Its now that this December has started to create the tune and m truly dancing upon this one :)

21 Sets

Inspired by the application from FB; 21 questions, thought about framing my own 21 sets on this blog post. This is the when I have nothing on my mind to write and I still want to scribble something. ;) :) so here it is my 21 sets. :)

1. As a child, what kinnda kid where you?

Not many would believe me..but I was a very shy and scared girl hiding every part of my emotions. I guess these shy moments where the ones which have actually brought out the lil monster in me now. :)

2. One thing can change your mood this instant?

Ice Cream. I personally think they were invented to keep me calm, happy and joyful.... :)

3. What is the first thing you hear early morning?

Deepaa....(a very sweet voice from mama) Deeeppuuu......Deepaaa.....(after five attempts, the voice becomes rough)...Deepa, Will you get up, how much do you want to sleep??

4.When was the last time you wrote a letter on paper?

2007 when I was posting a letter to a very dear friend of mine Janet.

5. What is your curse word?

“Freako”....... quite often. ;)

6. What last made you laugh full heartedly?

It was a dialog from “Shaadi se Pehle” , where sunil shetty expresses his emotions for Mumbai giving a funny poetic effect. Thinking of it makes me laugh this instant.

7. When was the first time you had beer?

It was back in 1995, when one my papa’s friend visited home. The left bottle was kept in the kitchen, curious to know what it was; I poured a small spoonful of it in my tiny glass and drank it. Kingfisher it was. J

8. A TV show you like to watch often and over and over again?

How I met your mother. I love this series like hell. Every part of the show is just amazing and lovable with lots of humour. It just defines a life among 5 friends and their stupid and crazy patterns to live it fully.

9. What is the wallpaper on your laptop right now?

It is just a beautiful view of shedding red leaves in autumn.

10. What piece of jewellery do you wish to have?

I wish to have a small delicate thin gold cross locket. The one I often draw on the cover of my books.

11. Which is you current repeat track in your playlist?

“Behke Behke” song from Aisha. Ahhww... at least a 10 times repeat for this groovy track.

12. Any childhood scar you have?

One on the back of my left hand and another one right at the back of my head. Both have one thing common, was hit by a stick, unintentionally by two fools. :X

13. One thing about yourself which is causing a turn off often these days?

My frizzy curly unmanageable hair. Every time I look at it. I feel disturbed. L

14. Name the person who knows every little mischief’s and mysterious vibes about you.

Heheh.. None. I keep it to myself. Until I decide to tell it. ;)

15. What if you had super powers?

I would love to have it. If I had them, one thing for certain I would like to do is read peoples mind. Not all but, just a certain set of them. ;)

16. What in the world do you find to be very cute?

A Baby Teacup pig....ohhhhwwww.....I would love to hold it in my arms someday. :)

17. The last time you said lied?

Today, When my mom asked if I am fine and I said yes, when I was feeling dizzied and drugged.. (Didn’t wanted her to worry).

18. What is the one thing people have never noticed about you till date?

At times I keep my fingers crossed and hidden. ;)

19. Are you superstitious?

Nahh... not really..!!! I believe having faith in a supreme power which always protects me. ;) :)

20. Name something which can make you scream and get you run?

Those tiny little brown awful creatures with their antennas on – Cockroach. yakkss :P

21. Describe your current life in one word?

Strange. :P

Specially for Gochu !!

This special post is dedicated to my loveliest friend gochu aka ushma... Thats what I call her.

Dear Gochu,
Wishing you a very happy Happiest bday. On this special day , I wish you all the happinees, love and all those silly things which you deisre from life.

The kinnda friend you are who says "Thendi" instead of hello when ringing me up (I understand it is coz i be late or dont pick..heheh :)). The Malayalam theri's we exchange, the all day long stories we hear about each other, the hilarious jokes we share. You look beautiful with your curls and your smile. Hope you get more curls and smiles. ;) I honestly never thought that we would be such great and funny friends. But I guess that's life, it sometimes brings out unexpected treasures. Glad that I have found one in you. More than glad that I have inherited that word gochu from you and have being spreading that word since then. Hope you are feeling proud about it.

At last I only wish the joy of our laughter, the cheer the sadness and all the emotions we share only make this bond stronger all the way ahead. Lots of love XoXo. :)

PS: My attempt to get at least a picture of a lovely cake with lots of candles only for you.

After about month of the event, today I sat down and insisted on writing a post about the first bloggers meet I attended. ;) The Indiblogger meet, sponsored by Dove. It happened when I paused on a mail received from IndiBlogger, which said about a blogger meet in Mumbai and that too a women’s blogger meet. Excited I was, as I eagerly waited for such a meet. Further browsing revealed some agendas prepared by Indiblogger offering a free pampering session by Dove. The word pampering had already made me happy and the word Free brought a smile to my face. I decided to go there, come what may.

Before the event, I started visiting Indi blogger, just to make sure about the reality of the event.. ;) (I still didn’t believe they could be organising such a big event without paying a penny). During the same, read the comment section and found about people coming from Navi-Mumbai, was too much more excited as I found good company on the way to the meet. Some gorgeous women I met, who were amazing in their profession and yet so elegant and matured.

Laxmi - The all rounder (Perfect Balance of all)
Purnima - The young, bindas lady (love the way she talks... Just like a college girl)
Vibha - The Twitter tatter (I somewhere feel she was the bird in her last birth)
Preeti - The silent Punjabi (How often do you see a Punjabi so calm and sweet)
Anuradha - The charming one (I still don’t believe she’s married...until I see her husband)

This was the Navi-mumbai gang, but apart from them, I met many such bunches of lovable strangers, coming from different profession and writing interesting blogs. Some of them were, the sweet looking Aaeshiana aka Ash, the kwel one Neha, the graceful Hazel, the cutie pie and youngest of all harini and many others. The session started with a welcome drink having a mint flavour (with the pudina toppings sticking to our tooth :P), it was followed by foot massage (during which many feel asleep). Then there was an intro session which I thought was so nicely arranged, giving everyone a chance to tell others about their blogs. In the middle of all this, the Indibloger team, kept entertaining us with funny and funky games. We had a lavish lunch followed by sweet tasty deserts. Then there was this autograph session, wherein other bloggers came and made their personal signatures on your chart (Again that was a blog booster for me..Inspired a lot to write). The last session was the hair massage given to me by disha, that girl had a good dedication to her work. After the hair wash came the blow dry, I stopped the guy, coz I realized I wasn’t the lucky ones with straight hair. Mine was a good mix of noodles, which could be destroyed by blowing with the dryer. So the stylist twisted my hair to form more curls which I loved. As far smoothness is concerned, I give thumps up for Dove to make such a beautiful range of products. The event ended with all the gorgeous women looking more gorgeous after all the pampering and styling. We all got hampers by dove and a lovely white t-shirt.

I was glad that I made it to the event, and after watching so many blogger's there, got inspired to continue with the scribbles of my stupid and random impressions. All thanks to Indiblogger and Dove for making this event so beautiful and awesome, waiting for another fun filled meet. This blogging adda for me has now become a place where I can put down all the attacking thoughts of mine and a community like Indiblogger has put up a platform to find many more scribblers. I would like to end my post with the tagline by IndiBlogger which defines it all for bloggers;

We blog, therefore We are. :)

Legends !!

Jagjit Singh, the greatest gahzal singers and undoubtedly named the king of gahzals, Jagjit Singh. I never have been the type of listening to such music genre. But I remember the day when Sarfarosh was released, and there was this song which would come on Tv, "hosh walaon ko kahbar kya". My sis used to listen it and love it, and I always tried to take the remote and change the channel. Once during the same, she managed to keep away the remote with herself forcing me to listen to this track, and that was first when I loved the beauty of the song and its lyrics. It was a mesmerizing and soothing experience. He truly did made every one enjoy the beauty of romance with his contemporary musical nodes and lyrics.

Now, when he’s dead, it seems like the era of ghazal music has come to an end, but the music he created will always remain in hearts of people who loved them, Me too. If you know jagjit singh..then for sure like all this song "hosh walon ko khabar kya" will be your favorite one. But my personal favorite track is.."Koi Faryiaad" from Tum bin. Initially I didn’t like it, but when I heard it completely, I just kept listening (special mention to Divya Nair for making me love this one). Jagjit Singh, Respect for such a legend. Here I dedicate, my favorite track. Hope you guyz like it too.

Koyi fariyaad tere dil mein dabi ho jaise
Tune aankhon se koyi baat kahi ho jaise
Jaagte jaagte ek umr kati ho jaise
Jaan baaki baaki hai magar saas ruki ho jaise

Steve Jobs, the greatest visionaries as they describe him. If anyone can learn from him, then they can surely learn to live, live life of a legend. I loved the man, as an entrepreneur, one of the coolest guyz with the symbolic turtle neck black t-shirt and blue jeans. The stage presence and presentations of jobs will always be an inspiration for many. I feel proud to have at least felt apple products...close enough..(still trying to get that Airbook someday, lucky to feel that once) and own some apple somehow (thanks kiddo). Kuddos to Steve jobs for making a beautiful software and hardware so acceptable and not to forget the word desirable ;).

Being the most influential guy for the world, he never wanted people to be like him or to be a duplicate of "Steve jobs", what he wanted was to be you, with a passion in your mind. Sad to feel he’s no more, but I think what an incredible sense of achievement he would have felt when he was looking back at life breathing his last and that’s what I want in my life too.. ;) :) there are many inspirational things this legend has said and done to prove the world, that there is a way out of everything everywhere. Respect for a great legend and his great legacy. Here I dedicate my personal favorite lines by Jobs.
"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me"