Specially for Gochu !!

This special post is dedicated to my loveliest friend gochu aka ushma... Thats what I call her.

Dear Gochu,
Wishing you a very happy Happiest bday. On this special day , I wish you all the happinees, love and all those silly things which you deisre from life.

The kinnda friend you are who says "Thendi" instead of hello when ringing me up (I understand it is coz i be late or dont pick..heheh :)). The Malayalam theri's we exchange, the all day long stories we hear about each other, the hilarious jokes we share. You look beautiful with your curls and your smile. Hope you get more curls and smiles. ;) I honestly never thought that we would be such great and funny friends. But I guess that's life, it sometimes brings out unexpected treasures. Glad that I have found one in you. More than glad that I have inherited that word gochu from you and have being spreading that word since then. Hope you are feeling proud about it.

At last I only wish the joy of our laughter, the cheer the sadness and all the emotions we share only make this bond stronger all the way ahead. Lots of love XoXo. :)

PS: My attempt to get at least a picture of a lovely cake with lots of candles only for you.


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