After about month of the event, today I sat down and insisted on writing a post about the first bloggers meet I attended. ;) The Indiblogger meet, sponsored by Dove. It happened when I paused on a mail received from IndiBlogger, which said about a blogger meet in Mumbai and that too a women’s blogger meet. Excited I was, as I eagerly waited for such a meet. Further browsing revealed some agendas prepared by Indiblogger offering a free pampering session by Dove. The word pampering had already made me happy and the word Free brought a smile to my face. I decided to go there, come what may.

Before the event, I started visiting Indi blogger, just to make sure about the reality of the event.. ;) (I still didn’t believe they could be organising such a big event without paying a penny). During the same, read the comment section and found about people coming from Navi-Mumbai, was too much more excited as I found good company on the way to the meet. Some gorgeous women I met, who were amazing in their profession and yet so elegant and matured.

Laxmi - The all rounder (Perfect Balance of all)
Purnima - The young, bindas lady (love the way she talks... Just like a college girl)
Vibha - The Twitter tatter (I somewhere feel she was the bird in her last birth)
Preeti - The silent Punjabi (How often do you see a Punjabi so calm and sweet)
Anuradha - The charming one (I still don’t believe she’s married...until I see her husband)

This was the Navi-mumbai gang, but apart from them, I met many such bunches of lovable strangers, coming from different profession and writing interesting blogs. Some of them were, the sweet looking Aaeshiana aka Ash, the kwel one Neha, the graceful Hazel, the cutie pie and youngest of all harini and many others. The session started with a welcome drink having a mint flavour (with the pudina toppings sticking to our tooth :P), it was followed by foot massage (during which many feel asleep). Then there was an intro session which I thought was so nicely arranged, giving everyone a chance to tell others about their blogs. In the middle of all this, the Indibloger team, kept entertaining us with funny and funky games. We had a lavish lunch followed by sweet tasty deserts. Then there was this autograph session, wherein other bloggers came and made their personal signatures on your chart (Again that was a blog booster for me..Inspired a lot to write). The last session was the hair massage given to me by disha, that girl had a good dedication to her work. After the hair wash came the blow dry, I stopped the guy, coz I realized I wasn’t the lucky ones with straight hair. Mine was a good mix of noodles, which could be destroyed by blowing with the dryer. So the stylist twisted my hair to form more curls which I loved. As far smoothness is concerned, I give thumps up for Dove to make such a beautiful range of products. The event ended with all the gorgeous women looking more gorgeous after all the pampering and styling. We all got hampers by dove and a lovely white t-shirt.

I was glad that I made it to the event, and after watching so many blogger's there, got inspired to continue with the scribbles of my stupid and random impressions. All thanks to Indiblogger and Dove for making this event so beautiful and awesome, waiting for another fun filled meet. This blogging adda for me has now become a place where I can put down all the attacking thoughts of mine and a community like Indiblogger has put up a platform to find many more scribblers. I would like to end my post with the tagline by IndiBlogger which defines it all for bloggers;

We blog, therefore We are. :)


Purnima said...

Nice post da! Thanks for the lovely mention :D

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Beautiful post Deepa! Wat tareef! Looking forward to meet you all soon.. Happy Diwali!

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