21 Sets

Inspired by the application from FB; 21 questions, thought about framing my own 21 sets on this blog post. This is the when I have nothing on my mind to write and I still want to scribble something. ;) :) so here it is my 21 sets. :)

1. As a child, what kinnda kid where you?

Not many would believe me..but I was a very shy and scared girl hiding every part of my emotions. I guess these shy moments where the ones which have actually brought out the lil monster in me now. :)

2. One thing can change your mood this instant?

Ice Cream. I personally think they were invented to keep me calm, happy and joyful.... :)

3. What is the first thing you hear early morning?

Deepaa....(a very sweet voice from mama) Deeeppuuu......Deepaaa.....(after five attempts, the voice becomes rough)...Deepa, Will you get up, how much do you want to sleep??

4.When was the last time you wrote a letter on paper?

2007 when I was posting a letter to a very dear friend of mine Janet.

5. What is your curse word?

“Freako”....... quite often. ;)

6. What last made you laugh full heartedly?

It was a dialog from “Shaadi se Pehle” , where sunil shetty expresses his emotions for Mumbai giving a funny poetic effect. Thinking of it makes me laugh this instant.

7. When was the first time you had beer?

It was back in 1995, when one my papa’s friend visited home. The left bottle was kept in the kitchen, curious to know what it was; I poured a small spoonful of it in my tiny glass and drank it. Kingfisher it was. J

8. A TV show you like to watch often and over and over again?

How I met your mother. I love this series like hell. Every part of the show is just amazing and lovable with lots of humour. It just defines a life among 5 friends and their stupid and crazy patterns to live it fully.

9. What is the wallpaper on your laptop right now?

It is just a beautiful view of shedding red leaves in autumn.

10. What piece of jewellery do you wish to have?

I wish to have a small delicate thin gold cross locket. The one I often draw on the cover of my books.

11. Which is you current repeat track in your playlist?

“Behke Behke” song from Aisha. Ahhww... at least a 10 times repeat for this groovy track.

12. Any childhood scar you have?

One on the back of my left hand and another one right at the back of my head. Both have one thing common, was hit by a stick, unintentionally by two fools. :X

13. One thing about yourself which is causing a turn off often these days?

My frizzy curly unmanageable hair. Every time I look at it. I feel disturbed. L

14. Name the person who knows every little mischief’s and mysterious vibes about you.

Heheh.. None. I keep it to myself. Until I decide to tell it. ;)

15. What if you had super powers?

I would love to have it. If I had them, one thing for certain I would like to do is read peoples mind. Not all but, just a certain set of them. ;)

16. What in the world do you find to be very cute?

A Baby Teacup pig....ohhhhwwww.....I would love to hold it in my arms someday. :)

17. The last time you said lied?

Today, When my mom asked if I am fine and I said yes, when I was feeling dizzied and drugged.. (Didn’t wanted her to worry).

18. What is the one thing people have never noticed about you till date?

At times I keep my fingers crossed and hidden. ;)

19. Are you superstitious?

Nahh... not really..!!! I believe having faith in a supreme power which always protects me. ;) :)

20. Name something which can make you scream and get you run?

Those tiny little brown awful creatures with their antennas on – Cockroach. yakkss :P

21. Describe your current life in one word?

Strange. :P


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