December Tunes :)

ohooo...itzz December and I can't wait to express the feeling of it... :) I love dis month, cozz it brings an air of change in it... Biding farewell to the haunted memories and keeping the good ones... a hope for a better tomorrow. :) wowww....

Yesterday I felt the coldness in the climate which brought a wave of smiles to me. I always wait for this month to come. Every Year it has added a change in my life some way or the other. Change, which I think is necessary in all due respects of this life. After all, anything too static begins to lose its appeal. But this excludes all those relations, which thank god are few special ones which never change. :)

To summarize was simply a good year for me. The biggest achievement being, a part of Team 18. Some disappointments, yet lessons learned from them and try not to go back to the past of choked episodes. So many decisions made some falling at places, some just failing. Looking back, I can make out that the decisions which made no sense were the ones just right for me. In fact it is these senseless decisions which are the best ones, coz time is funny, it is kinnda magical, that turns your stupid decisions to something else entirely.

I believe the greatest thing in this world is not necessarily the things you do, it can be the things that happen to you. This doesn't mean that you cannot take action of life, you can and you will. But you may never know when you may step out of the door and you will see your life changed. It’s just that the universe has a plan for you, and that it is always in motion without you being realizing. :) and I can't stop believing. ;)

As I begin to list some resolutions out there and promise myself to stick to them... ;) at least this time. :) Excited about Christmas (most favorite festive season) and a well needed break from work. wohhppii... :D Its now that this December has started to create the tune and m truly dancing upon this one :)


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