Let Go !!

There are times when we push ourselves so hard to wanting something we cant have and eventually realizing its time to let go. This is something everyone goes through someway or the other. But what does letting go actually mean? Does it mean to loose your conscious and be sad all the time?? Wondered upon it for a while and here I am scribbling the answers to it.

The most common emotion which comes during this phase is Loneliness. Some get so used to it that they start living with the same for the rest of their lives. Loneliness is just another emotion where you let the tears flow; feel it completely but eventually be able to say.." that was my moment with loneliness and now m gonna keep it aside and m ready to let go to experience other emos as well". When life gives you the signs to move on..it doesn't mean to forget, ignore or think about it forever. It never tells you to live your life in regrets with sad and empty feeling; neither does it convey emptiness or defeat. So misunderstanding the term and dwelling your self in memories of past is a mistake. Yes we do get hurt, but that doesn't convey that we block our memories and be lonely all the time.

Instead to Let go is to have an open mind, cherish the past memories and accepting things. Its more about learning and to be thankful for the experiences which once brought you the feelings of joy, cry, laughter and love. Its about growing up. To let go is always having the courage and strength to accept the change and move ahead. At the end it isn't about wining or loosing, its about setting yourself free with a hope for a better tomorrow.

So the bottom line is if you wind up being left out only because you think that holding on would make you strong..then think again...sometimes its letting go...!!!

PS: To Let go and to think that there are a hell lot of good things the universe has to offer has made me happy and helped me a lot; hope this helps someone else too ;) :)


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