Intoxic Mind

Just when I thought to start it fresh,
the same old sparks of past fires
m fighting something inside me I know
a battle of which I aint sure

Again a guilt that sickens me
a smile to cover the thoughts in deep
the pleasure and pain still so pure

All I need is to be high
coz have already started to feel low

PS: A stupid poem indeed..just scribbled whatever came to me... :)


NUKTAA said...

Best and blessed are the words which come out without being scrutiny of brain

Nice post

Arnab Maity said...

Just let it flow, don't let the brain interfere with your heart

Vaishakh Unnithan said...

ya jus let it flow.. never let anyone interfere with you...

Deepzz said...

thnks nukta, arab and kiddzz :D would like to mention this is post isnt about anyone.. it is just a state of mind at that moment..

Yogesh said...

gr8 one deepu..!!! anything that come from ur pen is just so true..simple and beautiful..i loved it..the "Let go" post and this post..contradictory thoughts..but both true..

Confused Soul said...

this was nice :)

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