An Annoying Post !!!

This post is a dedicated to all those annoying people who have completely being a shocker to me and will be throughout my life. Annoying the word says it all...making you mad and irritating you all the while. I m kind of person who forget things pretty quickly unless it hadn’t hurt me..But sumtyms its not the things which make you’s the people who do it..

I have come across some really annoying people in my life that I think are nothing but fools not having common sense. It is kindaa a of surprising when you realize it is the same people who you thought were good and approachable to anything. From silly matters to serious ones these people act so foolish that they end up making your mind fucked and leaving just one thought left for you..."I wanaaa punch you on ur face". Yes it is annoying; I manage to shrug it off somehow. Is it so very interesting that it makes you stop thinking sense and disconnect yourself from the world? It hurts and annoys me more when they enter into my personal space. (M getting annoyed by the fact that m using the word annoy many times now.. I think this will as well annoy you reader’s heheh)

I am not into gender bias nor do I want to sound being good and great...but most of the people who annoy me bound to be females...I mean what is wrong with females?? It is funny but I can’t recall many of the boys irritating me compared to the percentage of women. I have been really patient a t times, tried to ignore these annoying ones. (Didn’t ignore them on their face directly even though I was getting pissed). Also, have controlled my urge to say "shut up and get lost" or even the urge to slap on face. Some times I feel good to think of doomsday which will include all the annoying bugs as well.

I really don’t know when I may leave my patience and extend my arm to slap them. The moral is I don’t want them to change...may be they are destined to be annoying... but to just stay away from me.

I do not have anything for annoying people coz I know I can be annoying too....but when you do just takes a sec to think whether it is right or not. M getting annoyed by writing this post now..coz all those people are getting on my mind. So before it get on my nerves..will end it here.. and hope for a peaceful tomorrow. :)


ousu said...

Deepzz - I liked it, truly human and something I have felt, just like you.

Both the anger in the second para and then a apology towards the end, for some place down we know, for one we might be annoying to someone else.

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