The Secret Store..Shhhhh

Hussshh....finally I am down here again with this..!!! I find myself being unstable these days. Just a state of my mind. Hope that this will fade soon. To make it a little interesting thought about opening some mysteries through this post..
Every one has story to tell..and every story also has some little secrets in them. Here I am sharing my own...!!! So lets start.
  • I used to eat horlicks secretly when all were asleep. Even today I prefer eating it rather then mix it with milk..!!
  • I drank kerosene during my crawling phase confusing it with water... but still I survived..!
  • I love my life and the way I live I really don't take up advice's !!
  • I spoiled many of old family photographs by sketching funny things on intention was to make people turned out to be something else..:P
  • I hate people who keep chatting on continuous basis... I would rather sit alone then listen to them..they make me piss off at times.
  • I am afraid of dark...or being alone in dark..The secret which my mommy shares with me.
  • I once did a hotel lifting (Couple of heavy steel sPooNs) wid my bro...was fun!!
  • If m sleepy and you talk to me...forget the conversation we had.. cozz i ll forget..!!
  • I judge the other persons personality by the way he/she speaks.
  • I am a music freak and a movie bluff..hate people intervening in between.
  • I love my eyes... ;) so much that I make sure they are well hydrated and sparkling every hour. ;) :-)
  • M the type of girl who prefers Ice cream over chocolate any time.
  • I am not very spiritual but everyday I have a chat with some supreme power beside me.
As I of many more floating in my mind...but let it remain a secret ;) :) In fact a story behind this blog title...named it this way coz it shares some mysteries ..Its like my diary..Every post tells some secret story revolving around me.. ;) Hidden truths can be special sometimes, not because of its content..but because of the mystery it surrounds. That's what I call is the beauty of life. So be Mysterious & Stay Beautiful !!

PS: What's in your secret store??? Do share it here...Give it a while and lets you know yourself more.. :)


The madrasi said...

I share eight of these secrets with you! the horlicks wala theft.. I do even these days..Just stumpled upon your gt a regular follower here!

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