A Beautiful Mess !!

Sharing the same genes, sharing the little pieces of childhood....she is my sweet big sister. This birthday I thought to write about this beautiful disaster in my life. Memories come and go, but those special ones always find a place somewhere in your heart. All those special moments spend with you are still engraved deep down there with me..

24th July 1989... I realized that I was not alone in this world..and that I had another soul just like me. A soul with a cute smile leaving that dimple on her face and happiness in my heart.

I wished to list all those crazy memories spend with you...

  • Those cerealac tins which you always targeted.
  • The sudden disappreance of my toys.
  • The game of cricket where you aimed the ball to hit the hot milk.
  • Those times when our hair resembled like water fountains.
  • The times of aryabatta and his mother (our fictional characters).
  • Giving a Hitler look in every foto you took.
  • When you silded on a slider and broke your leg.
  • When the table fan fell on your head.
  • The moment when you were dancing to the song "mehndi tere naam ki" when a flying cockroach attacked you. (The time you started hating cockroaches and their smell).
  • When you always struggled with your curls.
  • Those times when collectors colony’s “dablei” was your main course.
  • When always that friend of luck was with you "bhagyawati" . (was a bit jealous then).
  • When you tooth was removed. "divya..its numb..its numb..nothing.."
  • Mimicking people around you.."kaun hai maalik...tum hoo mallik.." haha (one of ma favs).
  • When you cleared your MBA entrance.
  • All those presentations topics of money, finance, audit... which you used to practice before me at late nights and bore me.
  • Sleeping peacefully in a closed hotel room, taking the lives out of everybody around you.
  • Doing those yoga moves with mama at 5 in the morning as if punishing me from sleeping. (but loved the lion asan).
  • When you became an MBA executive and delloite (still can’t get that spelling) recruited you.
  • The first day of separation at the CST Airport where you said nothing and just smiled at me.
  • Meeting up with crazzy and retard people there in Hyderabad and making the best of friends.
  • Ending up the long curl struggle and finishing the story with those straight hairs.
  • Making mama and papa proud as you promised.
  • Those times when you scold me and be angry on me but I know that it is your care and love for me.
  • Finally being there with me..unseen..unheard...just like my soul exits live in front of me.

These endless memories....that endless love...I feel lucky to have a sister...and more luckier to have someone like you. It’s nice to know when there is someone who knows all my tears, weakness and struggles, my triumphs and my joys.

You give me a sense of belonging, coz even without you been physically with me, I sense you being at home. Those unique childhood bond which binds me and you together, keeping all those memories..good ones, hilarious one and haunting ones. Growing up with you was the most extraordinary experience I had. Feel's blessed to have you and being loved by you.

"To have a sister like you is to feel deeply loved by another soul..a beautiful mess on this earth"


Preeti Nair said...

Awesome Deepa...am proud of you..kya likha hai !!!

but FAN Fell on Divya's HEAD !!!! will like to know more about it when we meet...

hehehee..till then takecare...oommuuuaahhhHHH


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Deepzz said...

@preeti: heheh...thnks deeyy ;) :) heheh fan wala incident will surely let ya know..hehe :) umahhh :) tk care :)

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