A new Chapter !!!

As I turn 22, this bday brings lots of changes..it opens a new chapter in my life. It has taught me a great thing that happiness is when you make yourself happy...all things around you turn towards Happiness... Its not about running behind things...its about accepting..being what you are and most of all making of what you have got and smiling all through your way down.
This year instead of wishing...I plan to go with the word HOPE. No points for guessing inspired by the great shawshank redemption, as Andy says...

"Hope is a good thing...may be the Best..and no good thing ever dies"

Hope for a few lot of things in my life to happen. Hope to get them all (will kepp posted ;) ). Coz there's nothing wrong in hoping....you will get only positives out of it...Either a good life or a good lesson in life ;)

My motto remains the same this year... "Dont let the smile fade". Whtever it may be...coz that smile is my strength that overcomes the trouble rains and brings back the sunshine in me :) :)


Anonymous said...

Very true deeepppuu...!!!

angela.angeli said...
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