day 2: it goes on...

it was a vrry sleepy mrng is alys..i mean who likes to get up early at 5 in mrng...!!!!
d whole jorney to offc... went sleeping in trn and bhalu boss(bhalu--coz hes a vrryy hairy person) gave me a hectic wrk..which i hated 2 do...waise i hate doin such jobs..alys heehe..and as usual ma frnds..made ma day...u knw i relzd 1 gr8 thng in ma matter wht cums and goes out f ma lyf...doesnt is des frnds who mak ma wrld...most part f ma lyf..revovles arnd ma frnds... monu called me up...a vrryy sweet charater...a type f person who can mingle wid ppl in secs....d enitre day talking wid him was d best part....den..i slogged frm andheri as usual..into d 6.16 panvel trn and reached as father saw me at d door and askd me 2 have a energy drink..c sumtyms ppl thnk dat m so weak such dat a wind can make me fall...i gave him a smile..nd said yes..(jst 4 d sake f it)..i hated dat drnk..i wld bttr have a sweet poison dan..such a drinkk..came home starvin..nd wht mom had 4 dnnr was... rice..(yakkk), kadi..(okkk) and...karela...(yaaakssssss)...wht a!!!dats ma omana!!!
i opted 4 having biscuits 4 d alas!!!! it was as f i wld hav 2 die wi d askd ma sis 2 brng me she dndnt move...den started d gr8 fmly it was..ays..d fights...nd i was left alone and lonely as usual..i had 2 accpt 1 thng out ma lyf dat deir r thngs dat wont change in matter hw hard u try it...nd..u feel lyk running away...coz..sumtyms dats all u can do....
fter all d drama...tym 2 sleep.... goes on....hope atleast i have a good sleep...dats all 4 2day!!!!!


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