I remembered the lines of a movie "Udann" which i love the most. Here it goes....

choti choti chhitrayi yaadein
bichhi hui hai lamho ki lawn par
nange pair un par chalte chalte
itni dur chale aaye
ki ab bhul gaye hai ki jute kahan utare the.
aedi komal thi, jab aaye the
thodi si naazuk hai abhi bhi
aur naazuk hi rahegi
in khatti meethi yaadon ki shararat
jab tak inhe gudgudati rahegi
sach, bhul gye hai ki jute kahan utare the
par lagta hai ab unki jarurat nhi...

Now a days everyday of my life leads a way to office and back home again. My office is pretty cool though. My boss is very simple and not strict..(lucky me). All of them are friendly around there, but still felt some things missing..Like the fun...the laughter..the jokes...the craziness....actually my friends...!!!

For me the people who enter my life always have a special postion in my heart. My friends covered a huge part of it. It is a well known truth that no matter what...some day you have to separate from each other in terms of many emotional things. I had this feeling of insecurity...a feel of losing...losing some important relations which i treasured a lot..

After long today I spent some times with friends...I can describe this day as the day when i didn't have the number of counts on my laughter and enjoyment. At this moment I realized I was wrong in the part of losing. Life may be changed for all of us a bit though yes!!!! but still the love, the affection, the relation, the bond is still the same..Nothing is lost...!!! :)

Friends have been the most important part of my life. My mom used to say that my life revolves around friends....and now i relaize she was true to what she said. Everyday i missed every part of my friends. I was happy with my surrounding but still deep in my heart i wished to go back..back where it never mattered what you were and how you were.. back to time where every day meeting each other was imporatant...back to all those crazy times...back to friends..

It is these friends which make my life so special..it is these friends who make my city worth living in....It is them who make it worth happenning. Just a request to the ones reading this...pause for a moment...and find the joy u had with your friends...find the ones who actally make your life beautiful.. :)

So this one for all my friends out there..

Dosti ghum batne mai hai....dosti saath hasne mai hai..
Dosti woh choti muskan mai hai...Dosti har ehsaas mai hai..
Dosti har subha mai hai.....dosti zindagi mai hai....
Dosti tumse hai...Dosti humse hai...!!!


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