The one with me...!!!!

Yesterday night when I was coming back home in train, I saw the moon in its full brightness. As the train moved over the bridge, the moon came straight above the sea. I looked into the sea and saw pearls down there, shining with each light as it was falling on it. It looked so beautiful as if there were sparkling lights on water. The waves dancing on the moonlight. It brought peace to my mind and smile to my face. For a moment I felt blessed to watch this beauty. I looked above and smiled again.

I got out of the train, i looked at the moon still following me and lighting my pathway to home. I used to do this a lot during childhood and yesterday I felt no different.

As I went to sleep on my bed, a light from the open window poured upon me. I watched the moon again covering this spotlight on me. As if it was its duty to save me from its bright light. It made me think that it will never go, it never had gone. It follows and leads me wherever I go....unheard, unseen but still felt....filling my soul with hope. :)


vaishakh said...

suban allah

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