JukeBox Jam

Today I thought of creating a post on music...and this is not the first one...so I pondered why not do it evry week.. So here I Presnet deepzz Jukebox Jam.
This will be the place for all music lovers like me to enjoy every week to some of the bestest and ear loving music around the world every week.
So this week Jukebox Jam is a special hand pick by me. Romanian music !!!!! and when it comes to Romania ..There are only two names which come to mind; da mea Prietenii lui (yes my friends) Akcent and Inna...
It being a month I have being listening to this lady Inna..and to say the music is class...
The one on my playlist is deja Vu... This song creates music to a level high and leaves you humming it :) :) so go ahead and check it out...This one promises to pump up your heart beat :)
Presenting this weeks Jukebox Jam ----- Deja Vu.


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